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Chances are that the place you’re living in has doors and lots of them. Doors are the gateways and the entryways into a person’s home and to the other rooms inside that home, and without them there would be no privacy. For residents of Orlando, FL, Just Doors Inc is here to provide you with our expert service on doors. We can repair any known issues, locate others that you might not have noticed, or just help you with an installation.

When it comes to maintenance and repairs, there are certain issues that tend to come up more than others. Some of the most common problems with doors are:

• Sticking Entryways – With doors that stick, we sometimes need to adjust the door’s actual size so that it fits correctly in its frame. Sometimes it is as simple as cleaning the hinges and removing build up, and other times it means sanding the door to the proper size.

• Dents – Dents are common over the lifespan of a door. On metal doors, dents can be repaired using an auto filler after the door has been sanded down to reveal the metal under the wood.

• Hinge Squeaks – The quickest way we get rid of squeaks in doors is to lubricate the hinges with a silicone formula.

• Air Leaks – Air leaks in doors are important, especially in the wintertime when it gets cold. If a cold draft can be felt around the door, then it needs to be sealed.

Those are just a few of many problems doors can experience and they are among the easiest ones that we rectify. If you find yourself in need of repairs, installation, or maintenance on doors, choose Just Doors Inc today to see what we can do for you.

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